President Trump and the Deceived Evangelical Base

If you don’t believe in Jesus, then you better start.

Why do I say that?

Aside from your soul’s salvation, truly look at the world around you; the American government in particular. For the last three years it’s been a complete circus. Trump’s campaign was a nightmare for those who believe in humanity and decency. His subsequent administration has yielded what seems like myriad investigations. Personnel has been fired. Resignations have been submitted. Twitter beefs have almost turned into to actual war. It’s the most tumultuous presidency I’ve ever witnessed. Yet, Trump has unbridled, hardcore supporters that believe his every move.

The Evangelical base unabashedly supports President Trump, and I don’t get it.

Big time Pastors and Evangelists tout Trump as being chosen by God for this great task. In turn, the hardcore Republican middle and lower class base accept Trump as a beacon of light. But I have a problem… If you’re saved, or consider yourself to be a Christian, then how can you support the antithesis of how God commands us to live?


Too often I’m finding folks who say they believe in Jesus supporting a man who is a rank sinner. I don’t mean you think he can run the country better so you voted for him. I mean giving a pass to sin. I mean not holding up the standard of Jesus Christ. Excusing extramarital affairs. Justifying sexual assault. Compromising your supposed salvation for political allegiance.

That is wrong.

And, yes, I’m judging! I’m looking at the fruit Trump and his supporters have produced and making a righteous judgment accordingly. From the mockery of Mexicans to orchestrating international deals for dirt on his political opponents to the acceptance and justification of his behavior. This is not of God..

Or maybe it is…?

Maybe God gave America exactly what we asked for. A representative of greed and hate. A proven liar that speaks to the itching ear. Yep, that’s exactly what America wanted. Trump embodies the hate we excuse everyday, and that’s because America has rejected God.

When Israel asked for a king God told Samuel they haven’t rejected you, they rejected me. So God gave the the children of Israel what they wanted, and He told them how it was gonna be. Their sons would be thrown into war. Their land would be taken. The good of their land would be given to the king’s servants. The people’s life would be to serve the king.

This is what we have in office. Tax breaks for the rich while the poor and middle class struggle. We are potentially on the verge of a recession 10 years after the last one. We are in a trade war with China that is affecting the rural base that voted for him. But this is who they wanted in office.

Let’s get one thing straight. God’s standard exceeds all political affiliations. We gotta be saved regardless of if there’s a Republican or Democrat in office. But right now what we have in office ain’t it.

If you’re saved or claiming Jesus, and you think Trump is the answer, then not only are you wrong, you’re deceived. Stop hiding behind religious views as a reason for support. If you were truly in God’s presence like you say, then you’d know the truth of this situation. If you don’t, then here it is.

We. Are. In. Trouble!

I suggest you spend some time with God. Ask for forgiveness. Let Him open your eyes.

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