Oh, The Places We Will Go: Part 2

Labadee, Haiti

We ported in Labadee, Haiti the next morning. The island is gorgeous! This is Royal Caribbean’s private island so it wasn’t like we got to see actual Haiti here. That’s my only gripe, for lack of a better word. Otherwise, the sun was shining, the water was clear, and the beach was inviting us for relaxation. The highlight of this day was my wife getting sunburned. Why is that the highlight? I’ll tell you.

We debarked from the ship and I said, “Babe, did you grab the sunscreen?” to which she promptly responded “Bahamians don’t wear sunscreen.” Well, ok then. We went on about our day. Napping on the beach. Swimming. Letting the waves wash over us. Well, me. My wife couldn’t get her hair wet. Other black women can relate. Anyways, we had good food, and did some shopping in the market. It was just a nice relaxing day. We got back to the ship and got ready for dinner. We noticed my wife’s tan lines but it wasn’t anything unusual to me. When we came back to the room my wife said, “Babe, my skin is red and hot.” Now, I’ve been around plenty of white girls that placed the utmost importance on tanning. I know a sunburn when I see one. “Babe, you got sunburned,” I casually told her.

You think she’ll wear sunscreen now?