So You Say You’re Seeking the Truth..

What up y’all? I’ve been slacking on the blogging tip. Not that I don’t still write (my musings are usually Facebook statuses). However, my guy Tony encouraged me to start writing in the blog again. I appreciate your encouragement, sir. More than you know.

For those who are first time readers of A Fresh Voice, please know we deal in truth over here. Not yours or mine. The truth. If that means we need to change our opinion based on the evidenced presented to us, then so be it. No matter how bitter of a pill it may be to swallow. There’s no sense in having a perspective if you’re not willing to learn more in order to broaden it. It’s time people look at the entire situation instead of appeasing their already flawed narratives.

Let’s get to it!

I ran across a FB thread the other day that stated how shocked people were going to be who only followed mainstream media. It was the classic vaguebooking post. I clicked on the comments to see what the shock was going to be about only to find others asking the same question. Turns out the shock was going to be about voter fraud in this past election and the barbarian media lack of coverage for it. I waited for the original poster (OP) to elaborate with credible sources. When the sources did appear, they were all from conservative sites. Okay then. We know we’re this is going. I clicked on them to see what they offered. One was a person narrating a video of poll workers counting ballots. She was full on conspiracy mode asking where these mysterious ballots came from in Georgia. Other sources cited for fraud allegations in GA, but I couldn’t find anything concrete. Just speculation. I read the comments and I was baffled. It essentially turned into a right-wing “We can’t discuss truth on this platform. Let’s go to Parler!” fest. All of this because they believe voter fraud occurred on an unprecedentedly large scale in this past Presidential election.

About a week later, I read back to back diatribes from someone who was “seeking truth” about the election. This time the anger was about platforms fact-checking (Trust. This was definitely mentioned in the above thread as well).

I stepped back after reading these threads to think. This is a microcosm of America right now.

When Trump won in 2016 he claimed voter fraud….. and none of the now truth seekers opened their mouths about it. Why? Their candidate won. There was no need to seek for truth because they got what they wanted. If voter fraud truly mattered, and you believe in the honesty of President Trump, then why didn’t you investigate it last election? If the integrity of America’s election needs to be upheld, then why are you silent about voter suppression? Quiet about gerrymandering? Fine with having limited polling machines for thousands of voters? Ok with polling places closing in minority communities and being open in prominently white communities? The fact is these things don’t affect you so you let them slide.

That, my friends, is privilege in action.

If there’s one thing that’s very clear it’s the Presidential Election was not meant for everyone’s participation. Since the dawn of American democracy people having been fighting to have their voice heard. That fight is still happening today. You want a fair election from the very people that have been working overtime to keep others from voting. And you don’t even care to see it. Remember that while you’re sipping coffee and throwing out woke conspiracies from the comforts of your home.

You’re only seeking truth to appease yourself.

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