For the 46th Time..

Joseph R. Biden is officially the 46th President of the United States.

What a refreshing thing to say! After the last 4-5 years of utter chaos, we finally have someone in the White House that’s calling for peace and unity. I saw my Facebook timeline filled with sentiments of joy (most of my conservative friends were really quiet…. Or they deleted me). People were happy the Trump administration was gone. It feels like some semblance of normalcy will be found. There will be (some) decency in politics now. It will be the way it was pre-Trump.

But do we really want that?

If we can remember, pre-Trump was the Obama administration. The political gamesmanship was on full display between Republicans and the Obama camp. Now, President Obama is WAY more refined than President Trump. In every single facet of the word. That being said, he had his flaws as well. President Obama made his jabs just like Republicans did. This mindset permeated through the government giving way to what we just had from the last administration. The difference is Trump was constantly on 100 sign Pelosi and Schumer right behind him. Arguing, fussing, and fighting.

Who wants to deal with that??

I’m as happy as the next person that Trump is out of office. Anyone who’s kept up with A Fresh Voice knows I’m elated! At the same time, we have to ask ourselves a question. What did we vote into office? The status quo. Think about that. We were so complacent about the status quo that it took Trump running the country into the ground for many of us to wake up. It took repeated lies, daily drama, nepotism, the threat of nuclear war, and world disdain (as if America wasn’t already globally hated) for us just to get back to the status quo. We should want more than that. Progress does not come about by going back to where we were. We have to move forward.

I’ll give Biden this, he’s gone out of his way to ensure his cabinet will be diverse. Vice President Kamala Harris being the first African American/Asian American in the role was a good first start. However, there had to be meaningful strides in the presidency. As a Black man, don’t promise me the world just to get my vote and then forget about me when you get what you want. That’s the norm for American politics in the Black community.

For the 46th time we have another President of the United States. Let’s hope and pray the country truly comes together and moves in love.

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