What happens when the shoe is on the other foot?

Good Sunday Evening people!

As you have noticed, I’ll take breaks from writing because life is life. I recently had a son in May 2021. My world was flipped upside down in the most loving way. I can’t explain how much I love that kid.

Since I’ve been trying to get used to fatherhood, I stepped away from the blog life. But it’s time I return. What prompted me to come out of writing hibernation you ask? Let me show you.

I’ve been doing my best to stay of out disagreements on Facebook and Twitter because both platforms are a cesspool of uninformed opinions and dismal hot takes. However, this tweet irritated me in a way that I haven’t been in quite a while and I’m going to tell you why.

I saw this posted on Facebook and I asked if Deshaun Watson was found guilty of the sexual assault charges. The response was that it doesn’t matter if Watson is guilty or not, the media should be covering this more than Aaron Rodgers situation. I disagreed and called out this tweet for what it is… A straw man argument for fake outrage geared at conservatives, those who disagree with getting the COVID-19 vaccine, or those who lack the integrity to be honest.

Rodgers got caught lying to the media. Period. If you want to say he didn’t lie, then he definitely played with words. He knew what he was saying when he answered the question of his vaccination status. All he had to do was be honest. Some people wouldn’t have like it. Others would have championed him a hero (which is essentially what’s going on now). Instead, he lied and people defend him for all of the typical American freedom reasoning. Now it’s the media’s fault for dragging Rodgers? Make it make sense. Because people can’t stand on their own convictions about this vaccine, they have to invoke other people whose behavior is worse for “perspective.”

Enter Deshaun Watson and Henry Ruggs III.

Deshaun Watson, former Quarterback of the Houston Texans, is accused of sexually assaulting 22 women. This was the biggest story in sports when it broke. You weren’t going to find a major sports news outlet that wasn’t covering this in some way. I personally remember seeing several different social media posts from ESPN regarding the topic. Not to mention he was already a hot topic because he and the Texans were in a contract dispute prior to the sexual assault allegations breaking. Currently, all lawsuits are pending and no other NFL team is going to touch him because of his legal situation. The closest he came to being traded was a couple of days ago. The trade was dependent upon him settling with all 22 women. Settlement talks broke down over Non Disclosure Agreements. Long story short, sports news has been covering this.

Henry Ruggs III, former Wide Receiver for the Las Vegas Raiders, was drunk driving way too fast (156 mph to be exact). He ended up hitting 23 year old Tina Tintor killing her in the crash. Ruggs was released from the team hours after the crash. He is a currently an NFL free agent, but I highly doubt any team is looking to pick him up as he is facing up to 50 years in prison for the incident. Unless by some miracle he gets cleared of all charges, his career is done.

All I had to do was a simple Google search to find that information from articles that have been posted within the past week. It’s not that “the media hasn’t been covering this.” It’s that people haven’t gone outside of their echo chamber to look for the information. It’s that people weren’t even thinking about Deshaun Watson or Henry Ruggs III. Why? Their situations are being handled accordingly; media and otherwise.

The whole premise of Matt Walsh’s tweet is indicative of American norms. America is a nation that is completely satisfied with the criminalization of black people. This criminalization is such a way of life that it’s a literal political strategy which has won several Presidential elections (Nixon, Bush, Trump). Guilt is always assumed in the court of public opinion (which is exactly what Walsh did to Watson). Racial stereotypes are formed, spoken, and strengthened. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. But when the shoe is on the other foot? The benefit of the doubt handed out judiciously. Excuses are made. Wrongdoing in the situation is justified at all costs.

Before you get mad and defensive… ask yourself why that is.





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