President Trump and the Deceived Evangelical Base

If you don’t believe in Jesus, then you better start. Why do I say that? Aside from your soul’s salvation, truly look at the world around you; the American government in particular. For the last three years it’s been a complete circus. Trump’s campaign was a nightmare for those who believe in humanity and decency….

Uncomfortable Conversations

I have a lot to tell you guys. Life has been busy! Between getting married in Feb (love you babe!), injuring my knee, and rehabbing, I’ve had a lot on my plate. Not too much to discuss the elements of racism in the land though. I’ve come to a point where I pick and choose…


What’s good A Fresh Voice fam? First off, I’d like to thank all of you for your continued support. Whether it’s providing me another perspective, or simply reading my thoughts, you guys are what keeps this blog rolling. Thank you!! Alright. Let’s get to it! This is the last day in 2017, and I’m thankful…

Middle Ground

What’s up readers? How are y’all this Christmas season? I hope you are all in good spirits! Me? I’m doing well. I’m quite amused at the moment. I’ll tell you why. I hopped on Twitter this morning to see a thread about the danger of saying Merry Christmas. The basics of it was some people…

Time to Rise

Easter 2017 has successfully come. This is an especially busy time for me. I have many church duties that magnify when Easter comes around. Instead of focusing on the great task, I rely on God to get me through. He blesses me through the fast-paced week that lies before me. For that I am thankful….

My President

In two days Donald Trump is going to be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. His presidency has not officially started, and it’s already something to behold. Since the results have been released, protests (and some riots) popped up around the country. He’s been in Twitter battles with Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin,…

America the Beautiful

As the 2016 Presidential Election races to the finish line, I feel like we should take a moment to reflect on the state of our country. I’ve previously written about America being one nation under God, and I received mixed reviews. I put the article up on Reddit (in the Christan subreddit might I add),…


Last night was one of those nights. Sleep eluded my grasp at every toss and turn. I’m staying in a hotel which means…….people. What I would assume were young twenty-somethings were loud. Doors were slammed. Voices were carrying on boisterously in the hallway. Sleep just didn’t want to be my friend last night. I tried…

Sunday Morning

Today is Sunday, and I can’t wait to do one thing: Praise God!! The last time I was in church was last Sunday. We had some work done on Gospel Tabernacle (cheap plug), so Pastor canceled weekly services. This was my first completely free week (Sunday-Sunday) in a very long time. I filled it with…

One Nation Under God

Once upon a time, America was a nation that honored God. On our money. In our songs. In our everyday lives. We prayed for our troops, country, government, and each other before turmoil occurred. We reverenced God so much so that people changed their behavior in front of the church building. People watched their mouths (i.e….

The Morning Routine

Monday is upon us!! I know that’s not great news for some, but it should be. Why? You have been blessed to see another morning! Sadly, we take that for granted. Most people don’t want to get out of bed. Some dread going to work. Others are sleepy. Another group may be full of life….

He That Believeth

I live in a world where I’m shunned for being a Christian. I am mocked. I am ridiculed. My intelligence is questioned. I am verbally abused. All of this because I believe in Jesus. This isn’t a surprise to me because Jesus Himself was shunned by the crowd. He was mocked, beaten, and spat on….