A Taste of Italian America

Writing 201: Poetry gave me a fun one today! I have to describe one of my favorite flavors. I’m cheating and describing something that has multiple flavors in it. This one is a fun one. Flavor. Elegy. Enumeratio. Savory and creamy And oh my goodness dreamy Your flavor is so pleasing Please dress my fettuccine…

Imperfect Fallacy

Writing 201: Poetry again. It’s stretching me out of my zone!! That’s exactly why I like this course.

What Do You See

Writing 201: Poetry is at it again. This assignment is challenging, and that’s why I love it. I hope I do it justice!!


Writing 201: Poetry day 2 assignment. Acrostic poem. This one looks to be even more challenging than the first assignment. I’m up to the task though!!

Screen Time

So, I’m taking Writing 201: Poetry in an effort to expand my poetic knowledge. For the next two weeks I will be given assignments with a one word prompt, poetic form, and poetic device.