Beautiful Sounds

Writing 201: Poetry has come to and end. The last assignment is a sonnet. I tried to do a play on words. So, here it goes!! Pleasure. Sonnet. Apostrophe. To hear you sing the sweetest melodies, I will sit and listen with intensity To the pleasureful sound of happiness That flows from the soul in…

Nine Months

Writing 201: Poetry is giving me my biggest test yet. A concrete poem. I have to figure out how to format to make a shape out of this poem. I wrote about it. Like to hear it? Here it go! Cold. Concrete Poetry.   The sun is out But the sight is deceptive I’d love…

A Taste of Italian America

Writing 201: Poetry gave me a fun one today! I have to describe one of my favorite flavors. I’m cheating and describing something that has multiple flavors in it. This one is a fun one. Flavor. Elegy. Enumeratio. Savory and creamy And oh my goodness dreamy Your flavor is so pleasing Please dress my fettuccine…

Mr. Brown’s Neighborhood

Writing 201: Poetry. I really do love this course. I love the freedom of the course, and how it stretches my mind. I have to try not to be cheesy, and make my poetry original. Today’s assignment continues in the path of great challenges.

Faces in the Cup

Writing 201: Poetry is expanding my verbal acumen something serious. Today’s assignment is called a found poem. Basically, I look for phrases from random sources and make a poem. Some of this was found. That got to be tedious, so I wrote the rest of it out. My Word promp is faces. So, here it…

Ode to Love

Writing 201: Poetry. Today’s assignment is to write and ode. I keep saying this course is challenging because it is. There’s nothing like a good brain exercise in the morning!

Imperfect Fallacy

Writing 201: Poetry again. It’s stretching me out of my zone!! That’s exactly why I like this course.

What Do You See

Writing 201: Poetry is at it again. This assignment is challenging, and that’s why I love it. I hope I do it justice!!

Screen Time

So, I’m taking Writing 201: Poetry in an effort to expand my poetic knowledge. For the next two weeks I will be given assignments with a one word prompt, poetic form, and poetic device.