I Blocked You! – Being Rejected on Social Media

Have you ever been blocked or deleted from another social media account? I have.

In the latest controversy to sweep the nation (eye roll), a beloved Lion named Cecil was hunted and possibly poached by an American dentist. In classic new age America fashion, the flood gates of outrage lowered and people took to voicing their opinions. I’m sitting back and watching all of this thinking, “People can protest a business over a lion, but we divide at the mere mention of a human’s death?” It didn’t make sense to me. So, I took to social media to voice my question/comment.

Well, you would have thought I kicked a puppy. Some animal rights lovers came sailing in to defend this lion all the while missing the point to love our fellow humans. An acquaintance in high school came around. She was extremely snarky. We traded comments, and I tried (key word here) to take the higher ground. Finally, she figured she would get the last word in, and she blocked me!

The agony! The misery! The horror of utter darkness! Lol, nah. To be honest, as much as I thought I really wouldn’t care, I did. Why is that?


Nobody likes it. Yet, it happens all the time. We reject one another’s thought process because it doesn’t align with our own. On some issues I understand that. There needs to be some truth instead of everyone clutching to their opinions. However, we are an opinion based society. As such, if your opinion does not line up with another’s, then it’s defense mode. If defense mode does not work to get the point across, then that person is blocked!

It stings a little. Especially when you thought you were truly friends outside of social media world.

Have you ever been blocked via social media? How did it make you feel?

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  1. shielders anonymous says:

    This post is very interesting and comical. I don’t know if someone has ever blocked me on social media and I can’t say that I particularly care if anyone did. Your point about rejection is true especially if it comes from someone you’d least expect, and I believe that if you go as far as blocking someone because you have a difference of opinion then you need to trade in those diapers for some adult undies. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but they are not obligated to agree with yours. What happened to agreeing to disagree? Let’s learn how to have mature conversations and respect that there are several sides to every story.

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  2. Eddie Gilliam says:

    I can’t recall being blocked on social media. I love the blog

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  3. Melody says:

    I have not experienced being blocked from social media. However, I have experienced being rejected; jobs, and friendships. With rejection comes the feeling of what did I do wrong or what is wrong with me. I had to learn to accept man’s rejection is God’s protection.


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