10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

Earlier today I asked about you. What makes the readers of A Fresh Voice tick? We are all so diverse in our thoughts, styles, and expressions. It’s important to learn about one another. That way we can engage in meaningful conversation. Especially if we know how to communicate with each other.

Since I asked about you, I’m going to take this opportunity to tell you 10 Things you probably didn’t know about me. 

Here we go!

10. My favorite book switches between Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. I love the way Mark Twain puts words together. He expanded my vocabulary. 

9. I’m currently reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X. I’m amazed at how much of his life relates to today.

8. I want to learn to play bass guitar. I’m on my way to being self taught. If I would only practice…

7. I love people. You guys should know that by now, but I wanted to reiterate it. Love you guys!

6. Ralph Lauren is my friend. His clothes are anyway.

5. I absolutely love to travel. Different countries. Different States. Different cities. I want to get out and explore. There’s so much more to life than where you are living. 
4. I love kids. I’ll frequently wink at a little kid if they look at me. I have yet to be chastised by a parent. That’s a plus!

3. My grandfather is my inspiration. He’s the most dignified man I’ve ever seen. He may never know the impact he’s had on my life. I wouldn’t be the man I am today had God not blessed him to raise me.

2. Writing was never my go to creative outlet. However, When I reflect, I see how certain events in my life shaped my writng style. My earliest form of blogging was on………….wait for it. ……….MySpace.

1. I love the Lord with everything in me. This will always be first and foremost. When I say this, I’m not saying it casually. I really love Jesus, and that won’t ever stop.

Well, that’s what I have about me. Hopefully you learned about me just add I have learned about you. 

November is here. We are going to continue to blog like crazy. This is only the beginning. 

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