Cell Phone Shenanigans

I have officially reached the age where I have to type in someone’s last initial in my cell phone contacts to help me remember them.This realization is slightly disheartening because that only means one thing.

I’m getting older.

That’s not a bad thing, though. It’s better than the alternative. So, thank God I’m alive. However, aging really does bring perspective the older you get (it should anyway). For all practical purposes, I’m considered to be in the prime of my life. My body is supposed to be in peak physical condition (if I was in the NBA).

I guess this aging thing really isn’t too bad.

I find it interesting, though. As people age, society values them less and less. By that I mean the wisdom and experience of the older generation are discounted by the younger. Old people are seen as useless in society. We put them in homes and treat them as if they have nothing else to contribute. In reality, they have more knowledge on life itself than we do. I see that more and more in my everyday life. Somehow my generation thinks  we are smarter than our parents. From parenting to the general way we live our lives, my generation thinks we are more advanced. In some ways, life has advanced. Kids have iPads, tablets, cell phones, and other expensive gadgets at young ages. Cars are bigger and faster. Life in general is faster paced. Along with the faster pace comes the idea that old people don’t fit that pace of life.

I see it totally different.

The older generation has years of wisdom. Instead of dismissing it and thinking we know better, we need to tap into those experiences. Truly see what the older generation has to offer. Why miss out on a chance to learn from someone else’s life? We definitely have a lot to learn.

We are going to miss them when they are gone.

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