Child Support

Parents take their children’s sports seriously. If you’ve ever been to a 4th grade basketball game, then you know what I’m talking about. There’s always that one parent who is screaming at the ref about a no call. Never mind their child is 10 and can’t even dribble the ball without picking it up and running 4 steps. What’s basic fundamentals? And why should my child have them?


Nevertheless, parents continue to support their children’s sporting activities (no matter what the skill level). As well they should. Who else will be there to build your child up if you don’t? You will (should) always be your child’s support system. That’s basic parenting 101. However, it seems as though this lesson is lost on some. Such is the nature of life. Take, for instance, the tale of Jacob Copeland on national signing day.

National signing day is the day where high school recruits commit to a school for their collegiate athletic career. Some of these kids will eventually make it to the NFL. Some might even succeed in the league. National signing day is the first step to a potential pro career. In Jacob’s case, he narrowed down to University of Tennessee, University of Alabama, and the University of Florida. Let’s see his decision.

My mans chose Florida! What a great opportunity to get a free education as well as further his athletic career. Right? Let’s ask Ms. Copeland what she thinks. No? She walked off? In front of the camera?! Wow…

She left her child and walked away.

On national TV, this woman got up, visibly irritated might I add, and left her child at the table speechless. On top of all of this, the reporter took it upon himself to be an upstanding human being pepper this kid with questions on a situation that just happened. Jacob probably didn’t have time to process his feelings before this media pundit hopped on him. Poor kid. Thankfully some family (or a friend) came to sit by him and show some support.

This mother should be utterly ashamed. I’m sure in PC 2018 someone will talk about parent shaming, but miss me with that noise. Even if she disagreed with his choice, she could have held her displeasure until they reached the privacy of their home. I don’t know this kid’s life. I’m not sure what personal issues he’s overcome. However, I will say this is one of, if not the, biggest moment he’s encountered. This is where he needed his mother.

Thankfully, Jacob was able to weather the storm. He’ll be a better man for it. This just goes to show the resiliency of kids.

Parents. This one is simple. Support your children.

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