I Just Want to Live

I have plenty of people on my timeline who talk spicy to me about Black Lives Matter or racism in general. Faking need for understanding or feigning desire of discussion.  As of late, I haven’t really discussed race because I don’t feel like hearing the absolute foolishness the race discussion brings about. However, this event stirred me up.

Ahmaud Arbery is one of a long list of names of black people that have been murdered for simply existing. While the courts justify it. While the court of public opinion searches to assassinate the deceased’s character. While Joe Regular sits at home and “debates the merits of the case.” Ahmaud was a regular black man doing what many people, not just black people, enjoy doing. Jogging. Jogging, y’all. Arbery was killed while he was jogging in the predominantly white neighborhood, Satilla Shores. He was running down the road minding his business when he came upon Gregory and Travis McMichael who proceeded to pull a shotgun and a 357 Magnum on him. There was a struggle over the shotgun. Two shots rang out killing Arbery. All due to the assumption that he was a thief based on nothing but his skin color. And his killers are walking around free! That’s right. Arbery was shot twice with a shotgun and left for dead in broad daylight, and the McMichaels are kicking it at home. Wanna know when this happened? February, 23, 2020. 

10 weeks ago. Think about that. And the only reason this case is receiving national attention is because the video of the incident was finally released! Which reminds me. Who was recording?

wp-15888728815505970944727073391898.jpgIt all started with a 911 phone call. As do most of these situations. The anonymous caller saw a black man running in their neighborhood, got scared, and called the police. Somehow the McMichaels tracked down Arbery and killed him. The Atlantic Judicial District declined to press charges citing the McMichael’s ability to perform a citizens arrest and self-defense. They even had two prosecutors recuse themselves from the case. Why? Greg McMichael is a former police officer and retired investigator for the District Attorney’s office. I’ll let you figure that one out.

When I take the time to discuss race, I am raked over the coals about fairness. I’m challenged by supposed thinkers on “the other side.” I’m asked for solutions to problems that you refuse to even attempt to understand. I’m flat out told systemic racism (racism in general) doesn’t exist. Or, it only exists when it’s overt. What you really mean to say is it only exists when it’s palatable for you. Or (this is a good one) I’m told, “You need to tone down your message. It’s too abrasive and I feel attacked.”  Several of you tell me this stuff doesn’t happen anymore. When it does? You act shocked and hurt. Well… I’ve been telling you! Thing is, racial profiling occurs everyday and it doesn’t always end in death. Profiling. Microagressions. Stereotypes. They all lead to situations like this. It all advances the thought process towards extremity. Racism is more than overt actions!

Here’s the kicker. It doesn’t matter if you agree with me. I don’t care if you read this and feel attacked (What’s the phrase? A hit dog hollers..). I certainly don’t care how many black people pop up to refute this. This is THE truth! It’s the truth I live everyday. No, no, no. It’s the truth we live everyday.  It’s the truth that people try to minimize to soothe their own wayward thoughts. It’s the truth you dismiss…. Unless, of course, something racial happens to you  (looking at you Candace Owens).

THIS is ugly part of America I know about. Doesn’t look good, huh?

Black people just want. Want to what you ask? To shop. To kick it in their house. To run to the gas station for some skittles. To sleep. To play in the park. To jog. To breathe. To live. To live without the fear of your fear being the end of my life. We just want to live.

I just want to live.

Tomorrow, 05/08/2020, would have been Ahmaud’s 26th birthday. As tribute and protest people all over the country are going to be running/walking 2.23 miles in honor of him. If you would like to sign a petition to get this case to a grand jury, then please go to runwithmaud.com and show your support.

We really are all in this life together. It’s way past time that we acted like it.









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