I Resolve

New Year’s Resolutions are a crock.

Yeah I said it. They are a sham. Why? Because very few people actually keep them. What’s the point in resolving to do anything that you won’t complete? Every year people vow to stop eating sweets, stop drinking soda, go to the gym, whatever the case may be. However, keeping this resolution throughout the entire year is usually a bust. Let’s take the gym for instance.

I’m a gym rat. It took awhile for me to get that way, but I’m there now. There’s a running joke at the gym that the New Year’s Resolutioners are coming to bombard the gym for all of two weeks.


I know in this “don’t judge me” society I’m not supposed to say anything. However, this time frame is pretty hectic. My gym is busy as it is. Mondays is National Chest Day meaning it is already hard to find a bench. When everything is taken? Man, it’s really discouraging to the workout. Nonetheless, it’d be cool if people incorporated this into their regular routine. Sadly, the regs know NYRs will be gone inside that two week (maybe a month) span.

Why not keep up with it?

I understand the idea behind these resolutions. People are saying I want to be better in life. We all do, and I commend that. However, there’s a difference between setting goals and firmly resolving not to do something. Your word should mean enough to keep your resolution, but I ask have you kept one yet? If so, great!

This year I resolve not to resolve. Have goals. Work hard. Achieve them. Be a better you. I encourage that.

One of my goals is not to be slothful reading my Bible this year. I have 90 days to read the entire Bible, and I’m usually rushing to finish reading within the last two weeks. I’m positive I can move that energy up front and finish early. I’ll let you know how it goes!

What are you goals for 2016?

Happy New Year’s!!! May you all be safe, peaceful, joyous, and loved!

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