Day of Love

Men everywhere are scrambling. Well, some men are scrambling. Others are plotting how to break up with their women so they don’t have to buy a gift. Restaurants are taking reservations or gearing up for an influx of people. The chocolate industry is about to go on overdrive. Florists are about to rake in. Roses are going for three times the normal rate (not really, but you get it). Oh yeah, it’s that time of year.

Valentine’s Day is upon us.

This is the official day to show love toward one another, but really Valentine’s Day is for the women. Flowers, boxed chocolates, candlelight dinners, and sweet nothings whispered into the night. Or, maybe the couple decide they won’t do anything in public. Nonetheless, they’ll be together. Whatever the case, men around the country know they better have something prepared. Otherwise, it’s the proverbial doghouse. Doing nothing for your honey may land you on the couch (at least get her a card).

Some men struggle being romantic which puts them in an awkward position with their lady, but fear not!! I’m here to give you five top-notch ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts and dates.

Here we go!

5) Flowers


Giving your girl flowers is a no-brainer on Valentine’s Day. That’s why florists clean up in the monetary department. The thing is every one runs straight for roses. So, if you’re going to send flowers, then try to find out what your lady’s favorites are and surprise her with those. She’ll like the fact that you paid attention to her. To make this work, you have to be smooth enough to extract the favorite flower information without her getting suspicious. I hear gerbera daisies are a good option.

4) Cook Dinner for/with Her

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If you’re a wiz in the kitchen, then whip something up for her!! Steak. Lobster. Shrimp. Chicken. It’s all fair game. My forte is pasta. You name it and I’ll take a stab at it. Of course, for this to really work, then you need to make something she’s going to eat. So, if she’s a picky eater, then you might have to pass on this one. But hey, you could always take her to McDonald’s right? #DollarMenuDates

If you want to add a fun twist, then ask her to cook with you. Plan a menu, get the groceries, and enjoy each other’s company while you prepare a succulent meal together. This will make for lasting memories as well.

3) Scavenger Hunt/Picnic


I’m gonna be honest fellas, you’re going to put in work on this date. However, it will be well worth the effort when you see the smile on your lady’s face. Plan a small scavenger hunt with the end results being her gift/picnic. Along the way, place little clues (i.e. Snickers, Kisses, Reese’s) at various destinations. Make it fun and be creative! If she’s outgoing, then she’ll appreciate a date like this. If it’s too cold outside, then substitute the picnic for her favorite restaurant.

This date has the potential to mess up in several areas. So, you have to ensure things will go smoothly. Make sure the hunt doesn’t have her running all over the city. You will have effectively sucked all of the romance out of this. By the time you see her, she’ll feel too tired from running a marathon instead of anxious to see you.

2) Day Dates


A great deal of people do their Valentine’s dates at night. This makes for ridiculously busy restaurants. When I worked at Applebee’s, the restaurant was flooded with couples on Valentine’s Day. It’s a college town, so maybe they needed a somewhat cheap meal. However, I can imagine the nightmare that was the wait to get a table. People seem to conveniently forget dinner time is usually at 6 pm for a lot of people. The solution?

Day dates!

Ice skating is a perfect day date that will bring lots of laughs and intimacy. If she’s not into the physical exertion aspect of life, then you can take her to a cooking or art class. The intimacy level may wane a bit as other people will attend, but the experience will be one for the ages.

1) Love Letters


While this isn’t a gift or a date, this is a sure fire way to make your girl feel special. My mother taught me may things in life. One such thing is to make sure I buy a card for special occasions. Not only should I buy a card, but make sure the card is meaningful. I learned my lesson after I did not by my girlfriend a card for her birthday, and she reminded me very frequently about it.

I learned my lesson.

For those women that love cards, take it a step further and write down how you feel about her. Include all the things that you love about her. Make her feel appreciated. Make it personal!! You know how you feel better than any card can express. So, write it out! I can’t tell you what to say because these are your feelings. Just do it in a manner that says, “I love you.”

Well…. there are five ideas to make your Valentine’s Day great fellas. Try one out and let me know how it works!!

For the singles.

You may resent Valentine’s Day because it’s pretty much a yearly reminder that your relationship life is on pause. Don’t be sour!! Just clap your hands and feel the power!! There are ways you can enjoy your singleness on Valentine’s Day.

Just go bowling.

Or, you can find a group of other singles.

And go bowling.

Whatever your situation, whatever you do, just make sure you have a day of love.

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