Lies the TV Told You

In my search for quotes for the three days three quotes challenge (I’m way past due on this thing), I ran across the following words. I couldn’t help but think about how much it holds true today.

“The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent. And that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

– Malcolm X

Malcolm X, a well-known leader in the Civil Rights Movement, was a very matter-of-fact person. The statements he made were a candid look into the nature of 1960’s society. They upset the state of structural racism in America. In short, he made a lot of powerful people mad which is why he’s a significantly infamous historical figure in America. I like him because he didn’t pull punches. I don’t agree with everything he represented. Especially his religious stance. However, I applaud his courage in addressing critical issues at a pivotal time.

Let’s look at the truth in his statement.

The media is blamed for plenty of societal problems. Read any comments section and there is a possibility you will read a version of why the media is trying to divide America. Some in the journalism profession that I know balk at this notion. Their journalistic integrity stands up to defend their occupation. They note that major media is a business. As such, they will conduct their business in a way that generates profit which makes basic, good business sense. It’s like any other business. The product is put out there for the consumer enjoyment. Those who like it will continually spend money to support it. Those who don’t move on to another product. From the viewpoint of major media outlets, tell the target audience what they want to hear.

That’s a major problem.

It can be subtle in some ways, but also very blatant in others. While we should research subjects to form our own opinion, many citizens hang on the words of major media outlets. Fox News. MSNBC. CNN. CBS. Shows like Hannity, The O’Reilly Factor, Piers Morgan, and Countdown with Keith Olbermann highlight today’s issues. However, they each have a slant. Reporting news is no longer about what’s right. It’s about money and the political party it serves. Thus, each show caters to a target audience with their view of the truth which leaves the real truth to be questioned.

Here’s an example.


Here’s the opposition.

This is what we have in America. There is a clear split on the same issue. Which side do you choose? How do we know what is truth? If we rely on these sources, then we won’t know what is truth. Instead, we run to the side that serves our opinions best, and major media outlets understand that.

Thus, they create the narrative under the narrative. This process turns the innocent guilty, and the guilty innocent.

In this particular subject, the question is as follows: Is Donald Trump racist? Truly, this discussion will never have 100 percent agreement because the topic of race is so convoluted. However, each side has their respective news outlets to say yes, no, or maybe. How can we honestly tell?

I have my own personal opinion, but let’s explore the videos.

Each video is discussing Donald Trump’s disavowal (or the lack thereof) of David Duke. Mr. Duke is a known former Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan. The ideals he upholds are skewed, to say the least. One cannot believe in “traditional Christian values” while upholding racial segregation. Nonetheless, those are a couple of the ideas he projects. In any event, an endorsement by this man means he thinks one of his views coincides with yours.

I’d say that doesn’t bode well for one’s presidential ticket, but I digress.

The first video shows MSNBC news anchor, Tamron Hall, visible disgusted at the clip showing a black man denouncing the idea of Donald Trump being racist. Why? Because it’s typical for stations such as Fox News to trot out a black guy that fits their ideals (i.e. racism doesn’t exist and this black guy is here to prove it). However, her discernible disdain for the Trump supporter’s comments, and the need to discuss the racial majority of Trump’s supporters, only points to what she thinks of Trump. On the flipside, Bill O’Rielly does what he does best and completely dismisses the idea of Trump being a racist. I’d like to note that’s what he does with the majority of racial issues in America

Where are the facts?

To be clear, there are none. Speculation, opinions, and interpretations reign supreme. We listen as they are presented as facts. Then, we run to comments sections, social media, or real life and have these discussions with no facts backing us. Controversy is once again stirred up, and people leave the discussion angrier than when they entered.

All because the TV lied to you.

[Image Credit Flickr via Flash Pro]

[Video Credit MSNBC]

[Video Credit Fox News]



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