Driving In My Car

Sometimes the best road trips happen when you’re driving by yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, road tripping with friends is cool. Dollar store snacks. Conversations about the most meaningless things. Making memories for a lifetime. I mean that’s a highlight of college. However,  road trips by your lonesome are like no other.

Maybe it’s because I’ve driven to Minneapolis alone several times. Or it could be that I’ve driven all over North Dakota by myself. Whatever the case, there’s something about driving alone that I dig. Talking to God. Being with my thoughts. Listening to music. Listening to books on tape. It’s peaceful. The kind of peace you can’t find when other people are jabbering in your car. The type of serenity that is void of useless noise. The tranquility of God’s creation surrounding you.

Just you and God.

I may need to drive somewhere soon.

[Image Credit Flickr via Ryan]

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