The past couple of days people have reached out to me to discuss the election results. People know exactly how I feel about it as I’ve expressed myself quite soundly. I’ve had respectful discussion even though our opinions may have differed. I expect nothing less from myself. What surprised me is how people receive my opinion.

I was told people respect my view on things and they know they can discuss without an argument. 

I was completely shocked at this because I largely see myself as irritating to some. Especially on Facebook. By that I mean I talk about some heavy subjects, and not everyone agrees with me. I don’t mind addressing an issue. Things like the presidential election, police brutality, and black lives matter have been freely discussed. I’ve lost so-called friends because they were offended at me holding my blackness close to my heart. It’s not that I’m militant. I just have an understanding about race and prejudice. Some don’t like my conclusions on these matters. So, to have people reach out and say they respect these words is not only reassuring, but incredibly humbling. 

I don’t consider myself to be anybody great. I don’t think I’m doing anything special. I’m just praying that God would craft this blog for His glory, and writing. Sometimes we don’t understand how our words affect people. Be it positive or negative, we unknowingly influence people everyday. A smile. A frown. Holding the door for someone or rushing in with no care of the person behind you. All of this makes an impression. That impression can be lasting.

How are you affecting people?

Sometimes we will never know. That’s why we should live our lives in a manner that Jesus would be pleased. After that, let the chips fall where they may.

God’s got it all. 

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  1. Sparrow says:

    I think this comes under the heading of, “what can one person do?” In any given moment, you can only influence the folks in your immediate location. Or, in the case of blogging, you can only speak to those willing to stop and read what you have to say. Who knows if those folks are influenced or, not, but at least they took the time to consider what you have to say.

    As a blogger I have known times when a compliment came my way, and it was extremely humbling as I had no idea I had influenced someone positively until that moment. I have also had disagreements with other bloggers, but they were more like respectful discussions than a disagreement. As long as everyone keeps it civil, we all have an opportunity to see things from another perspective, if just for a moment, whether we agree or not. That’s where the magic is. I love those moments when people can connect and respect even when not in agreement.

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    1. Jarrod Brown says:

      I think the big thing is respect. I’ve talked to so many people that lacked basic respect in conversation. Especially on social media. With the way things are now, respectful conversation is scarce.

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  2. Eddie Gilliam says:

    Love post. do not quit, a true friend will accept you as you are, respect your views even if it is difference. I had this problem also, but I learned he or she was not a true friend. Stay safe and focused.


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