If You Are My Brother

Yesterday was a great deal to take in. A fire destroyed a London apartment building. A shooting occurred at a UPS Store in San Fra.  Republican Rep. Steve Scalise and several others were was wounded from gun fire during congressional baseball practice.

Too. Much. Tragedy.

How do we deal with it all? Social media (Facebook anyway) was largely quiet outside of major news outlets reporting on the events. The sad part of all of this is we have yet to put aside our political beefs, and view each other as human. We aren’t learning.

Is it not enough that people are dead? Shouldn’t we all be mourning? Shouldn’t we be thankful that lives are spared and some made it through these events? Maybe some are numb because there’s been so much tragedy as of late. Through it all, one would think we could ban together and help each other try to make sense of things.

Nope. That’s not America. That’s not what we do.

Every single time a mass shooting occurs the blame game starts. We point fingers, call names, and stereotype people. We run to the comfort zone of our political party and fling accusations at the opposing side. We shout our opinion over the top of each other. We don’t listen. We just want someone to be the focus of our ire. At this point, you truly don’t care about the victims. You just want an argument.

Where is our compassion?

Instead of inciting needless political banter, why can’t we agree on right and wrong? Some situations are black and white. We need to lay aside the partisan thinking and see each other as brothers and sisters.

If you are my brother, then you won’t argue during tragedy. You’ll feel my pain.  You’ll let me bear yours. We’ll talk to each other. We’ll listen. We’ll search for true solutions. You’ll realize we are all in this together.

If you are my brother…

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